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Vic Vivid

My entire life I’ve been practicing fine arts in various mediums. I’ve attended top magnet art schools since 6th grade through high school. I attended College for Creative Studies and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Design. I had never considered being a tattoo artist, I actually stumbled in to the tattoo industry. Being ignorant to the art of tattooing I thought it was a craft with limitations. Up to that point in my life every tattoo I had personally seen wasn’t every good at all. After graduating in 2008, finding a job wasn’t easy because of the economy. After a couple weeks of searching for a job a friend asked me to design a tattoo for him. That gave me the idea to draw out tattoo designs for people as a freelancer until a job came around. After gathering a couple drawings I went around to a couple local tattoo shops and by the second one I had an apprenticeship opportunity. Tattooing took me back to artist expression, something I felt that I couldn’t express in the automotive design world. Eager to take my tattooing career to the next level, I researched and learned about some of the industry leaders like Nikko Hurtado, Nick Baxter, Bob Tyrrell, Gunnar, Victor Portugal, etc., after seeing the high quality of work they where producing. I became really passionate about being able to accomplish art on skin as i do with any other medium. Although I’m primarily self taught I have been fortunate to have had talented artists around me and good people who trusted me enough to let me tattoo them which has allowed me to elevate my skills and quality . Four years later I was honored to accept a position at Skin Design, tattooing next to one of the very best black and grey artists in the game, Robert Pho.

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